Does alexa ranking really matter

Does alexa rankings really matter? The answer is very simple yes it does matter, here I will explain why it matters and why it is so important.

Alexa rank is a simple numerical position of your site compared to all the other web sites in the world. As an example, Facebook and google are two of the most visited web sites in the world and they hold the top two positions on Alexa ranking. Alexa rank is simply a measure of your web sites traffic compared to all the other web sites in the world.

Yes, one may argue that Alexa’s reports are totally inaccurate. While I totally agree with this I have recently noticed blog traffic is going higher while our Alexa ranking has stayed the same. If Alexa rank is a measure for the amount of traffic to a web site, then they should’ve been able to offer same result with Google about our web sites traffic. Why is it not the same? Why will I notice a massive increase in traffic to our website with Analytics and yet my Alexa rank is not changing? This is simple Alexa can only measure a visit to a web site when the visitor has the Alexa toolbar installed. How it works is, Alexa pulls the data from people around the world who have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their computers browser. This means that the web traffic of a small percentage of the internet population is ever being recorded then sent to Alexa. Alexa does not deal with number of visitors, it only deals with the percentage of visitors. For instance, on a good day, Single will get .006% of the worlds population visiting the web site. Our daily average is more like .004%. However, you have to keep in mind that is simply the percentage of people that have the toolbar installed on their computers browser.

Now this is where Alexa becomes a fairly unreliable source of data. Due to the way it is setup, those who are into technology, or they have websites that are technology focused websites. This portion of internet savvy users have a big advantage because the vast majority of their visitors will have the toolbar installed. This will help them to boost their web sites Alexa traffic ranking up to the top ranked sites. This is due to the majority of them knowing about Alexa, so they want it to track every time they visit their own web site. So the further a web site demographic strays away from the technology savvy demographic, the harder it becomes to compete on Alexa. So are you following me on this so far? Okay good.


So why does Alexa Rankings really Matter?

Alexa’s rankings matter for several different reasons which are included in the following examples;

Advertisers: Most advertisers use Alexa rank as a way to determine a web sites popularity. Many advertisers and CPA Networks will require a minimum Alexa ranking before they will consider sharing their advertising offers. So if you are considering earning money through direct sales advertising or CPA, you must have a lower your Alexa ranking.

Web Site Quality: Alexa ranking means web site quality, your Alexa ranking is part of how important your site is on the internet around the world. Only high quality web sites make it to the top ranks, so for your web site to have a good Alexa ranking this means that your web site has a quality content and traffic.

Web Site Authority: A lower Alexa ranking will speak for you as a authority in your web sites niche, people will quickly identify with your site from the ranking being good, you will begin to receive more guest posts and comments on your site also facebook shares and likes. You will start to receive paid post offers, and all of this because of your good Alexa ranks.

High Level of Respect: You will also be Shown respect by your fellow bloggers and webmasters as well.

The most effective ways to lower your Alexa rankings is to:

  •  Download and install Alexa Toolbar on your own browser
  •  Encourage your visitors to install the toolbar on their browser
  •  Use Alexa widget on your web site in hopes some one will install the toolbar to track sites.

Among what we have listed here encouraging your readers to install the toolbar, without forcing them to do so or sound needy is going to help your Alexa rankings the most if they install and return to your web site of course. Also you can write a review on your blog about Alexa and put a link to the download page of the Alexa toolbar. Click Me to download the toolbar powered by Alexa.